Karim Mansour

Karim Mansour

Vice President of Engineering, SIGRA

Autonomous driving was his main childhood dream. This dream had a great influence on him in deciding to study Electrical and Computer Engineering. He worked at various big companies in the automotive industry like Valeo, BMW and Qualcomm, in which he gained a lot of experience in this field. Now he and his friends who are experts in the same field and sharing the same dream, founded their own company SIGRA to make their dream come true. They are building artificial brains that can totally control any given vehicle autonomously and letting the vehicle’s passengers concentrate on what is more important.


Autonomous driving is a hot topic that is trending nowadays in the automotive industry. This talk will concentrate on why it is taking too long to deploy this technology in our transportation systems today, the key challenges, current state-of-art and the future of designing and implementing such systems using highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since this technology will change the way we commute and in a short span of time will impact a big portion of the population, the safety aspects and concerns regarding this technology are discussed and how Internet of Things (IoT) can contribute in making autonomous driving more robust and safe is emphasized.